Another MoJ IT project goes TITSUP*

Our thanks to the reader who forward us this little gem for the Ministry of Justice (MoJ) Claims Portal, regarding an outage on 3rd March. What the update appears to be saying, suggests our correspondent, is “Sorry we crashed and you may have been in breach as a result but tough!”


Claims Portal Service Update

Following earlier messages sent out today, Portal users will be aware that due to a serious network access problem the Portal was unavailable between 08:58 and 14:45 today.

It is neither technically practicable or within the remit of the Claims Portal Board’s power to extend Protocol deadlines.

We are aware of the serious consequences for users of the temporary unavailability of the service, and that this may result in some users having difficulties meeting the mandated Protocol deadlines outlined in Section 5 of the Protocol (all other deadlines may be varied by agreement between parties). Claims will exit the Portal in the usual way if deadlines are not met.

The Board is considering whether any action can be taken to mitigate the impact, but wishes to make it clear as early as possible that there will be no extension of time within the Protocol or the Portal.

Yours sincerely

Tim Wallis
Chairman, Claims Portal Limited

* Term of art =Total Inability To Support Usual Performance