New Product: Extranets at dawn as Nikec launches HighQ challenger

Nikec Solutions today launches Nikec Hub, an extranet and collaboration platform which offers a secure way of managing project and matter related documents, while enhancing communications and collaboration with colleagues and clients. Here’s the full product details… Nikec Hub addresses the modern ways of working where collaboration on projects, cases or documents between internal teams and external clients is vital regardless of its scope or size, and where data security and document mobility is essential.
Enhancing collaboration, communication and document security
Nikec Hub provides a centralised platform for documents and entire matters or projects to be stored, shared, accessed and edited and for ideas and comments to be exchanged between teams. By consolidating information in a single location it enhances collaboration and communication and increases productivity. Ultimately this enables users to remain focused and deliver the best possible services for their clients while ensuring that sensitive documents remain secure thanks to Nikec Hub’s seamless integration with Nikec Docstore, the company’s file sharing solution which provides military grade security.
Open environment to integrate the firm’s document workflow
Nikec Hub’s open APIs allows for seamless integration with existing systems within the law firm. Not only does it integrate with document management systems (DMS) permitting users to create a hub and share documents directly from their DMS, but when combined with finance systems for example, teams can send valuable up-to-date management information (work in progress, unbilled time or disbursement costs) to their clients quickly and easily.
Easy and Intuitive to set up and use inside and out of the office
Intuitive and easy to use, Nikec Hub has been designed with the clients and users in mind. Individuals are able to set up an extranet site in minutes without the need for IT intervention and can customise the look, feel and layout to suit their own personal, client or project requirements. It fully supports mobility so workers can access, review and edit documents from their mobile devices and stay up-to-date with colleagues and clients at all times.
“Nikec Hub is agile and scalable and thanks to its powerful platform, collaboration, communication, knowledge and document sharing can be optimised to increase overall productivity and efficiency.” Commented Damian Jeal, VP Global Sales, Nikec Solutions. “Additionally with Nikec Hub’s ability to integrate with other systems within the firm, valuable reports and management information can be generated from within a single portal, providing considerable value to clients and team members”. Continued Jeal.
Nicholas Child, CEO, Nikec Solutions commented “With years of experience in delivering cutting-edge technologies for the legal market our product portfolio has grown from strength-to-strength and the addition of Nikec Hub further enriches this. With an exceptional product developed after extensive market research and input from various law firms, we are strongly positioned to deliver Nikec Hub to our customers though our dedicated in-house professional services team.” Concluded Child.
Nikec Hub is available on-premise or in the cloud. For more information please visit