Tikit launches Carpe Diem Next Generation timekeeping

Tikit today announces the launch of Carpe Diem Next Generation timekeeping software, a completely re-engineered, user intuitive, functionally rich timekeeping solution designed for busy legal professionals. Carpe Diem Next Generation is the culmination of a $2 million development project and proves Tikit’s ongoing commitment to developing industry leading applications. With an innovative approach to developing enterprise software, Carpe Diem Next Generation was built from the ground-up and with an interface inspired by the best consumer apps, Carpe Diem Next Generation’s ease of use virtually eliminates the need for user training. 

Carpe Diem Next Generation offers a single fully integrated application combining the advantages of different time capturing technologies. It is a web-based application written in HTML5 that works on all modern browsers on any desktop, mobile device or tablet.

“The re-engineering has taken into account the latest technologies, latest consumer technological trends, the current state of the business of law, and the current trends in timekeeping … all of the above were considered in the delivery of a single application to the legal market,” stated Mark Garnish, Tikit’s Development Director and lead Carpe Diem Next Generation architect.

Carpe Diem Next Generation includes a number of significant features and benefits. These include:

• Single, fully integrated timekeeping: Full functionality available across all devices and platforms improves timekeeping flexibility, consistency and convenience for lawyers.

• Intuitive, simple to use, ‘consumer grade’ user interface: New UI leads to new UX, improved lawyer productivity and effectiveness based on higher technology adoption and lower training costs.

• Reporting dashboards: Out-of-the-box time capture metrics and dashboards measure and report lag between time and cash. Increased ‘velocity of time capture’ metrics enhance transparency and accountability with clients.

• Scalable and resilient: Supports the growth ambition for the modern law firm. Ease of deployment: Full function, fully integrated timekeeping solution with no more bolt-on time capture functionality translates to ease of deployment, maintenance and management for IT.

“When we tell our clients about Carpe Diem Next Generation we explain it as end-to-end timekeeping for the modern professional … mobile time, contemporaneous time, passive time and ‘traditional’ time entry all in one, with one user interface and one, consistent user experience,” says Peter Zver, President, Tikit North America.

“With Carpe Diem Next Generation, we are taking the best of the past and adding this to the future with a modern holistic next generation interface across all platforms, which will ultimately provide law firms and their lawyers with more choices on how to capture time,” Mark concluded.

Tikit’s Carpe Diem time recording software suite is used by more than 100,000 timekeepers worldwide and is at the forefront of timekeeping in the legal and professional services industries.

Tikit Carpe Diem clients interested in upgrading to Next Generation should contact their account manager or for more details about Carpe Diem Next Generation visit www.tikitcarpediemnextgen.com

COMMENT: HTML5 rather than native apps eh! Tikit’s Mark Garnish says the approach allows Tikit to focus on the UI/UX (user interface and user experience). Two UK firms: Bird & Bird and Charles Russell Speechlys are already upgrading to CDNG and a couple of the UK Top 10, as well as two of global Top 10 firms, have also committed to the new system.