Winscribe latest to sign-up for Inside Legal IT + New Product News

Winscribe is the latest vendor to sign up as an exhibitor at our new Inside Legal IT event in London on 12th May – welcome aboard. The company this month also released Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR), a standalone front-end speech recognition solution, to their portfolio of speech productivity software.
Most lawyers are skilled speakers and – based on industry averages – can talk nearly ten times faster than they can type. With this in mind, Winscribe developed Winscribe Quick Speech Recognition (QSR), an easy-to-use standalone speech recognition software solution that types as a lawyer talks. As today lawyers tend to support themselves and often do not have a personal assistant at arm’s reach, Winscribe QSR helps to serve as a lawyer’s personal assistant, by reducing or even eliminating the need for manual transcription of notes, directions, and documents.
“Busy legal professionals must maximize their productive time and need robust tools that help them work faster and don’t require a time intensive investment for getting started. Winscribe QSR has an intuitive interface, is easy-to-use, and delivers exceptional speech recognition accuracy. With just a few minutes of training, Winscribe QSR clients can take advantage of immediate productivity gains. Authors simply place the QSR cursor into a field, dictate, review the recognized text, and sign off the result to move to the next field or task,” explains Pierre Corboz, Director of Product Strategy at Winscribe.
The release of Winscribe QSR offers real-time, front-end speech recognition technology that is remarkably accurate and has a low edit rate, enabling legal professionals to quickly generate documentation with confidence. It also supports general and legal-specific vocabularies. Plus, it has a centralized and intelligent management console that can ‘learn’ and manage new words, phrases and user profiles. Winscribe QSR is adaptable and works with existing applications and information systems that allow typed text entry, including Microsoft Office applications, Web browsers, and Practice Management Systems.