Timekeeping News: Smart Time launches billing guide

Todd Gerstein, the founder & CEO of San Francisco-based Smart Time Apps has been in touch to say “Today we released our Billing Guidelines module. We say it is time to end the chaos and the e-billing craziness. Asking attorneys to remember multiple clients’ billing guidelines is just about impossible. And, most law firms don’t have a system where they can store the rules. It’s chaotic. That’s why we’ve equipped Smart Time with a new real-time Billing Guidelines module. The module includes pre-programmed rules that can be set up at the firm, client or matter levels. And for the user, it provides real-time error checking to ensure entries are compliant.
“There is no doubt that the timekeeping space is heating up. We are twice as busy this year as compared to last. We encounter a lot of firms that want to extend the life of their time and billing or practice management systems by updating timekeeping. It makes sense. Why swap out your accounting system if it works? It is easier and more effective to update timekeeping. Timekeeping projects have good ROIs. Most accounting system rollouts are money pits.”