Webinar: Minimise your organisation’s risk to Dark Data

Date: 19th May 2015

Time: 4.00 – 4.30pm GMT

Every Enterprise, to a greater or lesser extent, has a responsibility of governance over the information stored in different repositories within their organisation. This includes structured data that is relatively easy to manage, but also a vast amount of unstructured data distributed across file shares, notebooks, local hard drives as well as within line of business applications etc. This data can contain confidential or sensitive information or be subject to compliance drivers and therefore should be managed in a structured way. This data is known as Dark Data.

There are challenges in identifying Dark Data as well as making sure that it is stored appropriately and that retention polices are applied. When this Dark Data remains un-managed, the organisation can become exposed to several risks.

Register to attend this webinar to see how RAVN Refine can identify and locate sensitive and useful information in your Dark Data and allow you to take control of it and manage uncontrolled risks.

Benefit from:

Risk Mitigation – mitigate the risk of not retaining data for compliance reasons as well as retaining data beyond expiry.

Increased Efficiency – cleanse your data to remove the noise and improve your search results and have more performant systems.

Cost Reduction – once managed, benefit from the reduction in data volumes and associated savings in storage costs, energy costs, licences and data maintenance overheads.

To register please visit: http://www.ravn.co.uk/webinar-minimise-organisations-risk-dark-data-ravn-refine/