The specialist digital dictation, workflow and mobility provider BigHand just announced their inclusion on NZ-based CloudCode register to champion best practice in Cloud services.
In the last 24-months, BigHand has recorded an astounding 500% increase in the number of users utilising BigHand Professional – the Cloud-based entry-level version of their digital dictation solution. By allowing firms to access innovative dictation, speech recognition and mobility services, without the need for internal IT infrastructure or large upfront investment, BigHand Professional is empowering firms of all sizes to work smarter. Dan Speed, Managing Director of Global Cloud Services at BigHand, is in full support of the initiative, commenting “Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology models have enormous potential to lower IT costs and increase flexibility and deployment times – all of which adding significant value to an organisation. By appearing on the CloudCode register, vendors are helping to proactively address the standards in the industry that will subsequently enable more firms to access the benefits.”
Historically, a lack of understanding and trust in ‘The Cloud’ and Cloud services have been cited as grounds for hesitation in uptake. In 2012, a number of New Zealand Cloud providers responded by releasing an industry code of practice, known as CloudCode, with the aim of increasing transparency, building trust and encouraging adoption. Today, CloudCode is encouraging the deployment of Cloud services by reducing user risk by enabling potential customers to view disclosure statements from participating vendors, which include details of: security protocol, data location and backup practices, Service Level Agreements (SLAs), support and business continuity plans. By becoming a CloudCode signatory, BigHand is demonstrating their willingness to comply with CloudCode’s requirements and their full support of open, honest and clear practices that mean consumers are able to make informed decisions.
Dan continues: “Cloud services are better understood now, but there’s still a lot that Cloud service providers can do to support organisations during the crucial decision-making process. We are delighted to be on the CloudCode register as it gives us the opportunity to demonstrate our ethical practises and commitment to changing the Cloud marketplace for the better.”