New Products Round-up

Here’s April’s round-up of new UK and US product releases and upgrades featuring DocAuto + Advanced Legal + Handshake Software + nQueue + Worldox + Ravn + Hoowla + MyHomeMove + Tikit

DocAuto Releases IDOLytics for WorkSite IDOL
DocAuto has released IDOLytics, the first solution to bring high-powered enterprise content management analytics to the WorkSite IDOL search engine. IDOLytics is the only solution that decrypts WorkSite IDOL search data, allowing administrators to view, monitor, and track IDOL searches in real time and easily perform analysis on searches using combinations of profile metadata values. “Due to the encryption of WorkSite IDOL search logs, monitoring and tracking IDOL searches has been impossible until now”, said David Kiefer, CEO of DocAuto. “However, viewing how the extensive IDOL architecture is being utilized by end users is critical to improving security, system performance, and ongoing user support and training.”

Advanced Legal announces further enhancements to ALB
Advanced Legal has announced the latest version of ALB (2.3), its practice and case management system for law firms. ALB 2.3 now offers enhanced integration with Microsoft Exchange, enabling users to manage their ALB diary on any Exchange connected device such as a PC, mobile or tablet, enabling greater flexibility for working away from the office. Other functionality includes the ability to preview document history, revalue work in progress and enhanced support desk integration. Doug Hargrove, managing director, Advanced Legal, says, “The release of ALB 2.3 shows a continued commitment to ensuring our users receive the best possible experience with ALB.”

Handshake Software Introduces Notifications Product
Handshake Software, which provides SharePoint-based products and services to the legal market, has announced the availability of its new Notifications product. Notifications enables lawyers and firm administrators to define a broad range of automatic notifications from multiple applications, combined into one message, and delivered via various secure mechanisms including email, SharePoint and on mobile devices. The new Notifications product is available as an add-on to the Handshake Software suite.

Douglas Horton, president & CEO of Handshake Software said: “Firms can use all the help they can get when it comes to automatically delivering to lawyers what they should know about important, critical and time-sensitive information without the lawyers having to sift through the firm’s ‘big data’ to find it.” Handshake Software provides SharePoint-based intranets, extranets and enterprise search solutions to over 50% of the Am Law 100.

nQueue’s iA Scan Manager to Add SharePoint Integration
Cost recovery and document scanning group nQueue announced its integration with Microsoft’s SharePoint platform. Users of nQueue’s iA Scan Manager powered by iA Route will be able to automatically route scanned documents directly to the proper location within SharePoint. “We are committed to ‘uniform scanning,’ and that means the ability to scan from anywhere in the firm to the correct destination,” said John Gilbert, senior vice president at nQueue. “In today’s environment, that requires integration with SharePoint.”

Bundledocs Announces Integration with Worldox
Bundledocs announced at the end of March a partnership and integration between its document bundling software and Worldox document management system. With this integration, documents are quickly uploaded directly into the bundle and once uploaded, Bundledocs automatically creates a fully indexed, paginated, bates numbered, hyperlinked and bookmarked bundle – ready to print, save or share. “Our early adopter clients…are already using it successfully for both litigation and mediation engagements,” said Peter Brannigan, president of Ardmore Consulting and a premier Worldox Systems Integrator that helped design the integration.

RAVN Systems announces the release of Manage 4 and Refine
RAVN Systems has announced the release of RAVN Manage 4, a tool that manages an organisation’s applications, especially around search, document management and database driven systems. RAVN Manage 4 has a refreshed user interface to improve the user experience as well as increased functionality including multizone service support, where services can now belong to multiple zone hierarchies and historical data aggregation for preserving KPI data for prolonged periods.

The announcement comes after RAVN also announced the release of RAVN Refine, a solution that mitigates risk and storage costs with semantic enterprise information governance. RAVN Refine applies core RAVN technologies to the management of enterprise-wide data. Whether the business driver is minimising the cost of storing data or the correct retention for regulatory or compliance reasons, RAVN Refine applies a combination of conventional and semantic analyses across content sources.

Hoowla launches first and second phase of Land Registry Integration
Hoowla has announced that the first and second phase of its integration with Land Registry Business Gateway has gone live. Customers of Hoowla can link up their Land Registry account from within the Hoowla case management software and request official copies of the Register from within Hoowla’s conveyancing case management software. Hoowla automatically provides the title number and tenure for properties via the ‘search by property description service’. This information along with details of the conveyancing firm is used when submitting the OC1 Application form through Hoowla. The digital version of the official copy title plan is then instantly returned and attached to the case. CEO of Hoowla, Adam Curtis said: “We will continue to roll out Land Registry Services and ensure our conveyancing software adds real time and cost savings for our clients.”

myhomemove Launches Online Case Management Service for Remortgage Clients
myhomemove has launched an online case management service tailored for remortgage clients. Remortgage eWay is available to all clients who are recommended to myhomemove through its network of introducers. The new service allows remortgage clients 24/7 access to their case file via a smartphone, tablet or PC. Clients also have the ability to upload and action documents, as well as make secure payments through the online case management service, helping to speed up the conveyancing process. Dev Malle, group sales director at myhomemove, said: “In 2011, myhomemove launched its revolutionary online case management service, eWay, for purchase and sales clients and last year added Introducer eWay. We know consumer behaviour is changing rapidly and they now demand a service that matches the best of what they are getting in other sectors.”

Tikit eMarketing v6.0 out now
Tikit this week announced the launch of Tikit eMarketing version 6 (v6). Tikit eMarketing v6 includes a number of new features and benefits:

Mobility – responsive design: Tikit eMarketing v6 has been designed with responsiveness in mind. Message creation is made easier; no need to design different versions since one message works across multiple platforms. All marketing templates will be fully responsive guaranteeing 100 per cent engagement with the target audience.

Agile message creation: Intuitive drag & drop functionality in Tikit eMarketing v6 not only makes it easy for teams to create emails, it saves firms time and money since they no longer have the costs, hassle and time penalty of outsourcing email template development.

Cost predictability: Tikit’s eMarketing v6 allows firms to send as many or as few emails as their strategy dictates. This means no sending caps, thresholds or volume contracts, giving legal marketers control of budgets and ability to better allocate resources.

Branding: Amplify and distinguish the firm’s brand with v6 tools that provide full control over all design and style elements including colors, styles, logos and even the url. Tikit eMarketing v6 stands apart in terms of its ability to fully tailor messages to the firm’s brand without external vendor or agency intervention.

Personalization: Tikit eMarketing v6 incorporates drag & drop personalization, preference driven messages and a closed-loop CRM integration communication cycle enabling firms to send relevant messages, to the right person, at the right time and record their response.

Central, web based tools: Everything legal marketing teams need to create and manage messages and campaigns is available in a central, web-based location. These tools include permission and role-based access, which not only emphasize security and privacy, but also encourages user adoption and reduces case-by-case IT involvement.

Analytics and reporting: A simple-to-use central reporting dashboard tracks campaign KPIs and ROI, giving firms full visibility on e-marketing performance; at-a-glance market insights and ability to drill down with unlimited granularity.

Social media integration: Tikit eMarketing v6 offers the ability to share/like content on Google +, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. The results are tracked in the reporting/analytics for the specific message/campaign.

Peter Zver, president, Tikit North America, said: “Tikit clients demand communication agility when it comes to their e-marketing tools. Today’s competitive landscape mandates that firms are able to communicate timely and contextually with their clients. Showing clients you understand their business by providing them with events and news they can leverage delivered by a reliable e-marketing solution is invaluable,” There is a microsite here