Something for the Legal IT Weekend: Waiting for a Flight? Don’t let your phone battery go flat!

Research carried out by, the travel metasearch engine, shows that airports are recognising the demand by travellers to be able to keep their phones charged while waiting for flights and are increasing the number of charging facilities they offer. Now travellers can make calls or access the internet safe in the knowledge they will still have enough power to display their boarding pass and catch their plane.
UK airports are particularly well equipped to help travellers. At Heathrow for instance, international travellers can charge their devices easily. With more than 3000 power sockets in the international departure lounge, there is one plug available for every two passengers. London Luton Airport may see fewer passengers than Heathrow, but still offers at least 400 power sockets, as well as 40 universal charging points.
Over in Europe, Chopin Airport in Warsaw has around 3000 power points, while Munich and Barcelona have over 1000 each (although Brits may need an adaptor). Those travelling to or from Vienna International Airport can take advantage of specially designed ‘laptop chairs’; compact work stations with a power socket and a small desk. These can also be found at Amsterdam Schiphol. In Russia, Sheremetyevo Airport in Moscow provides open access to 1500 charging stations, which is rare because most airports in the country only include this service in the VIP areas. Other international airports include pay-charging stations, which operate after inserting change.
Many airports are investing in improving the access to the plugs as this is now one of the basic needs of travellers: Frankfurt and Hamburg airports both have plans underway to increase the number of power sockets available to passengers. (Data is based on feedback received from the airport press offices. Airports not mentioned were either unable or unwilling to provide information.)