Ediscovery New Product: Nuix launches v.6.2 + video

Nuix (www.nuix.com) has just launched version 6.2 of its product suite. The new version delivers new features and capabilities across the Nuix Engine, Nuix’s eDiscovery and Investigator products, collection technologies, and Director and Web Review & Analytics web applications. PLUS we have a video featuring Nuix CTO Stephen Stewart explaining how you can take control of processing tasks with a new distributed worker framework, and streamline your workflows with free Equivio-like email threading, a search and tag tab, and powerful new analytics…

New features include:
● eDiscovery customers will gain fine-grained control of processing, imaging, and export tasks with a new distributed worker framework. Features including free Equivio-like email threading, a search and tag tab, and powerful new analytics will help them manage workflows more efficiently.
● Information governance practitioners can make the leap from individual governance projects toward an ongoing, proactive housekeeping-style approach with features including delta indexing, Windows Task Scheduler integration, search and tag, and an ultra-fast light scan.
● The 6.2 release adds granular control for expert investigators with an even deeper dive into forensic artifacts and more powerful analytics. Further integration between Nuix’s desktop and web applications make digital evidence more accessible to non-technical investigators and reviewers.
● All customers will enjoy the efficiency of initiating Nuix Enterprise Collection Center collections from within Nuix Director. Nuix Web Review & Analytics now includes customisable dashboards, persistent hit highlighting, a new breakout analytic, and the ability to review near duplicates and email threading.
● Most of the new features are available through Nuix’s scripting, Java, and RESTful APIs for Nuix’s OEM partners to integrate into their applications and workflows.
For more details, here’s a link Fact Sheet Nuix 6.2
Commenting on the release, Nuix CEO Eddie Sheehy said “This release has a strong focus on making it easier for customers to deliver efficient, repeatable, and consistent workflows that will give them the upper hand over out-of-control data. We have also expanded our range of data analytics and management capabilities to give customers intelligent ways to get the key facts faster. Although our customers tend to buy our products to solve a particular business issue, they are finding these silos are becoming less meaningful. The distinctions between investigation and eDiscovery, or information governance and cybersecurity, are small and getting smaller. Nuix is a long-term investment in your organisation’s ability to dominate its data.”
This release paves the way for new products and bundles which will be launched in Q2 2015:
● Nuix Incident Response a powerful investigative solution for cybersecurity breach response and remediation, with more products to follow.
● Nuix LSV Dashboard delivers granular control over processing, OCR, imaging, and export operations for a farm of Nuix servers.
● Nuix Corporate Investigation Suite offers a unified workflow from data collection to processing, analysis, review, and reporting—making it possible to investigative digital evidence without in-depth forensic knowledge.