Countdown to Inside Legal IT: Slicedbread is the best thing since… + latest deal + K2 microsite

Slicedbread are delighted to be showcasing sharedo at Insider Legal IT on 12th May 2015. Sharedo is an adaptive case management solution which is already proving to be game changing technology. It saved every case worker at Keoghs one hour per day and is currently being rolled out across Hill Dickinson. Slicedbread CIO Ben Nicholson and Legal Product Innovator Phil Swinburn will be attending.
“The future of Legal Case Management is about situational awareness and true adaptability. We are proud to be working with leading firms who have the vision to transform the way in which legal work is undertaken and look forward to watching their businesses flourish,” says Nicholson, adding “We’re also in dialogue with several other top 50 legal firms at the moment. You can pre-book your demo of sharedo and receive a free bottle of bubbly on the day. We look forward to seeing you at the event.” For more details email
Latest Slicedbread deal: the company has just been appointed by Hill Dickinson to implement their external collaboration solution based on Office 365. Hill Dickinson recognise the impact that cloud based collaboration has on the experience for our clients and the potential to reduce cost. Their current solution had been utilised for document sharing, but Hill Dickinson now wish to take the next step towards LIVE collaboration in the cloud. Better integration with Hill Dickinson systems will also remove a cost burden form keeping data sources updated.
Adopting Office 365 provides Hill Dickinson with an open and highly secure platform with the potential to deliver collaboration opportunities far beyond traditional document exchange. The solution is to be fully integrated with Hill Dickinson’s K2 based business process management solution and iManage DMS – enabling a high level of automation of their collaboration processes. Ben Nicholson, Director of slicedbread said: “We’re really excited to be working alongside Hill Dickinson to launch their Matterspaces collaboration platform. We believe there is a real opportunity to redefine how external collaboration can be managed for law firms, make this collaboration a seamless extension to existing processes rather than “stand-alone” and ultimately deliver cost savings.”
Keith Feeny, Head of IT and Operations for Hill Dickinson said “We are looking forward to working with slicedbread to add innovative products to our current suite of technology that will add real value to our clients. The progress and acceleration that slicedbread have already bought to this project is very encouraging.”
K2’s new legal microsite: Slicedbread’s partner K2 has just launched a legal market microsite – you can find it here