Comment: The Enterprise behind Veyo + Updates

deshudsonVeyo, the soon to launch online conveyancing portal, has been widely promoted within the conveyancing sector and The Law Society’s involvement is generally recognised by most practitioners. However, for many in the conveyancing industry, the joint partner, Mastek UK, a global enterprise-level technology solutions provider, still remains an unknown. Desmond Hudson, the chairman of Veyo (pictured) reveals more about the company that designed and developed the portal.
Veyo will bring together electronically all the processes, checks and documentation prepared and undertaken by solicitors and licensed conveyancers in the sale and purchase of residential properties. Legal IT professionals within the conveyancing industry will no doubt be reassured by Mastek’s credentials. The global enterprise with an annual revenue of over £60million has over three decades of extensive experience specialising in delivering major programmes in government, retail, insurance and healthcare sectors and operates across the UK, Europe, the US, Canada and Asia-Pacific.
Although the company may be unknown to many legal practitioners and the general public, many of the projects they have worked on certainly won’t be. Mastek has implemented technological solutions for high profile operations for Transport for London, the NHS, Criminal Record Bureau, Security Industry Authority, Ministry of Defence, the Department of Education and the Home Office.
Mastek has a track record of successfully delivering a wide range of IT services such as applications development, service management and testing, systems integration, mobility, data warehousing, business intelligence and analytics. This breadth of expertise and their track record made Mastek an obvious partner to deliver the comprehensive solution features required for our online portal.
In 2002, Mastek won the contract to deliver a solution for the London Congestion Charging. This was no mean feat, with over 50,000 vehicles in Central London per hour, the problem of congestion in was evident. Mastek played a key role in delivery of the IT for the highly successful system. They seamlessly overcame the challenge of processing such high volume information, as well as implementing a payment system at low transaction cost but high turnover. The system that is currently in place has resulted in a £90 million net income for Transport for London, 14% reduction in journey times and 20% drop in traffic.
Mastek was also involved in the initiative by the Department of Health in England to move the NHS towards a single, centrally-mandated electronic National Care Record System (NCRS) for patients. One of the largest public healthcare platforms in the world, the programme connects 30,000 general practitioners to 300 hospitals, providing a secure and audited access to these records by authorised health professionals. This was a major system integration project where Mastek worked to design, build, integrate, test and deliver service support for the NHS Spine system. The system integrated numerous local service provider trusts and GP practices, resulting in 6.5 million secure transactions processed daily.
Working within the UK education system, Mastek has shown how they build technology that can adapt to change; creating and building software that is flexible. In partnership with Capita, Mastek has developed education software units such as an attendance monitor, performance management and learning gateway which are efficiently delivered to 22,000 UK schools and updated annually. Mastek is experienced using agile work methodologies, which enables organisations to focus on their business needs and to adapt to dynamically changing requirements.
The Law Society has partnered with an IT enterprise with world class credentials, demonstrating capability to deliver an unrivalled volume charging system for Transport for London. They have shown how critical security is to the work they carry out for clients such as the NHS. And they have built technology that can adapt to change using agile methods.
Veyo, a cloud based system, offers not just a fully functioning case management system but will offer an end-to-end conveyancing service. Efficiency will be improved where search results and HMRC information can be uploaded along with direct interface with Land Registry. Communication will be improved with key documents transmitted and received online, including contracts. Users will be able to communicate and interface with professionals and clients in an online environment. And the transparency and security of the process will be improved with the progress of a chain of transactions available, a secure audit trail and free inbuilt Anti Money Laundering searches.
To many conveyancers, it is reassuring that Veyo has not only been developed in partnership with the Law Society which has the relevant knowledge of residential conveyancers and has introduced and run the successful Conveyancing Quality Scheme, but it has partnered with a leading global technology solutions provider. Legal software solutions and case management systems are prevalent in the industry. However, we believe the partnership between the Law Society and Mastek offers something very unique. A partnership of unrivalled industry knowledge and a truly world class IT solutions specialist. An international enterprise with an outstanding track record on some of the world’s biggest and best projects, transforming businesses and our lives with software solutions. This is why we are excited about the change we will be bringing to the conveyancing industry.
• Redbrick Solutions just announced that they have plans to integrate with Veyo. They are the first case management provider to make such an announcement and are also the only case management provider to have achieved the Legal Eye Quality Standard. Martin MacDuff, Redbrick Solutions managing director comments “We have consulted with our clients over the last 6 months in order to ensure that we continue to offer the best case management solution available. We believe Veyo offers many beneficial features to the conveyancer, such as the chain view and deal room, and we are delighted to be in talks with Veyo about offering this functionality to our clients. Clients will be able to share information seamlessly through our case management solution into Veyo’s chain view and vice versa, removing the need for duplication and increasing transparency for all involved in the process. Clearly, Veyo have yet to launch and it is early days for them. Any integration work will be subject to client validation but we hope to have something available shortly.”
• Mastek UK today announced that it has completed the acquisition of IndigoBlue Consulting (IndigoBlue), a consultancy specialising in Agile programme management. IndigoBlue will be operated independently as a wholly-owned subsidiary. Incorporated in 2002, IndigoBlue is a leading UK consultancy specialising in Agile programme and project management with a turnover in excess of £6 million. It provides management and consultancy services that enable its customers to harness the profound benefits of Agile and achieve maximum advantage from technology-based business change. IndigoBlue is at the forefront of numerous cutting edge projects in the UK, and has been recognised for its innovation and excellence. The company is the current holder of the prestigious Agile Consultancy of the Year award. It also designed the award-winning technology change strategy for the Customer First programme at the YHA (Youth Hostels Association); the pioneering use of Agile in Government with the Institute for Government; and deployed the Amberhill ID Fraud Prevention programme with the Metropolitan Police, which was recently awarded the ‘Best Public Sector Project.’