Start-up Corner: InsightBee paves the way for tailored market insights

For many firms, getting high quality insights on clients and prospects can be a huge challenge. Cloud-based start-up InsightBee aims to address this issue, however, by disrupting the way that legal professionals conduct their business research. A recent study from InsightBee reveals that over half of lawyers spend 10 hours or more each week on research, yet just 42% feel they can rely on the information they find online. InsightBee addresses this ‘insight gap’ by helping firms gather business intelligence and attain valuable market insights into key businesses issues.
Using a global network of over 3000 research consultants, InsightBee produces personalised, cost-effective reports through an online shopping platform – whether it is custom research on companies and industries or a specific business question. Central to this new platform is a proprietary engine called K-Hive, which generates a draft report from numerous data sources using a mix of advanced technologies and partnerships. A qualified global analyst team then validates and synthesises this information to make reports accurate, relevant and insightful.
IMG_3634 (2) 5Manoj Madhusudanan (pictured) has been leading the company as managing director since its inception. Previously, Manoj was Global Head of Operations at Evalueserve – the global leader in knowledge services – before vacating this position in June 2014 to concentrate on his role at InsightBee. However, Evalueserve continues to incubate InsightBee’s knowledge based platform.
By combining the power of the internet with a global network of research consultants, InsightBee provides firms with high quality business insights that enables them to understand their existing and prospective clients better than ever before. The knowledge-based platform is therefore ideal for legal professionals, predominately within small to medium sized firms, who need support with their client engagements, as it provides them with an easy to use service and tailor-made research.