Latest Apps: Prosperoware Zone Mail now available for Android

Prosperoware just announced that it has extended its Zone Mail product offering to include support for Android devices as well as the iPhone and iPad. Prosperoware delivers innovative technology that connects the practice and business of professional services. The company’s software products empower lawyers and other professionals to transform their business from a traditional service model to a more client-focused approach through process improvement.
Zone Mail is a complete mail client integrated with HP WorkSite. In addition to sending and receiving email and attaching documents, Zone Mail enables lawyers and other professionals to securely file email to HP DeskSite, FileSite and WorkSite when they are away from the office. Built-in features for data encryption ensure that confidential information remains secure. Users can file a single email or multiple emails to multiple workspaces in the document management system. They receive notifications when an email or group of emails is filed as well as a confirmation of the location it is filed in.
“Zone Mail brings some sanity back to harried professionals by letting them interact with email at their convenience from wherever they are,” said Keith Lipman, president of Prosperoware. “Zone Mail significantly increases productivity because it reflects the way people really work.”
Zone Mail Android is available in the Google Play app store. Zone Mail for the iPhone and iPad are available at iTunes.