Interesting Timing – coincidence or what for Aderant and Elite

Now here is an interesting confidence… Next week Aderant is holding its annual EMEA regional user conference – Momentum EMEA 2015 – in London on 10th and 11th of June. The event is open to both existing Aderant users and prospects – which this year includes a number of Elite Envision (aka Pilgrim LawSoft) users who are now wondering where to go next. Aderant have been promoting the date for weeks and the conference is a sellout with a record number of delegates booked.
Meanwhile Thomson Reuters Elite has just sent out invitations* announced the date for a “complimentary seminar” (complimentary! – this is not exactly something you could charge people for**) on planning for the future of the Envision product. The seminar programme goes on to explain that it will discuss users “options for moving forward”. And when is this event? Why, the afternoon of Wednesday 10th June. Still, I suppose it will be convenient for all those Envision users already in London*** attending the Aderant conference!
* The wording of the invitation could have been better, as one recipient put it “Doesn’t this sort of communication makes you feel all warm and fuzzy as a valued client from Webmaster@marketing… specially when it’s designed to flog you 3E, Mattersphere and Business Development Premier.”
** Or, as one Elite Envision user put it “Personally I think I’d rather reinvest the time, effort and cost on getting our requirements tip-top for a forthcoming Invitation to Tender to Aderant, Lexis and Peppermint.”
*** Or not, if the rail strike goes ahead