Ediscovery: the industry consolidation continues as HAYSTACKID “FLEX” their financial muscles

haystackHaystack Information Discovery (HAYSTACKID) just announced its intent to acquire the privately-held company FLEX Discovery. Headquartered in Chicago, FLEX Discovery is a managed service provider focused on streamlining the discovery process during information-intensive litigation scenarios via electronic and paper discovery services. FLEX Discovery’s product portfolio, clientele and employee base will help HAYSTACKID develop a deeper footprint in critical growth markets, including Chicago and Washington D.C.
HAYSTACKID will maintain operations in all of FLEX Discovery’s offices and data centers as part of the acquisition. Eric Singer (previously the Chief People Officer at FLEX) will assume the position of Executive Vice President for HAYSTACKID. HAYSTACKID is headquartered in New York City with offices in Boston, Chicago, San Diego, San Francisco, Beaverton and Paris, France.