Goodbye to traditional attendance notes: Intelligent Voice signing up partners – and making life easier for law firm partners

ivoiceTime to say goodbye to traditional attendance notes? Time for a quick catch-up on the latest product and company news coming from Nigel Cannings and the Intelligent Voice speech technology team at London-based Chase Information Technology Services (Chase ITS), who have just launched IVNOTE. This application is designed to eliminate the dreaded attendance note and help law firms bill more easily for their telephone interactions, especially inbound and mobile, which are not currently automatically tracked.
The system uses speech recognition technology to capture calls, convert them into text and then automatically send the transcript (along with the original voice file) to the user’s inbox. However, as Nigel Cannings (the CTO of Chase ITS) points out (see attached PDF IVNote) as well as supporting more accurate billing, the system also ensures there is an accurate attendance note recorded to prevent subsequent disputes about the contents of mobile and late night phone calls.
In other Intelligent Voice news… Epiq Systems Inc, a leading global provider of ediscovery and technology solutions, has been appointed as the first Platinum partner for the Intelligent Voice audio transcription and review platform. “Audio recordings are an essential part of compliance and discovery for many businesses,” said Robert Hopen,VP & General Manager Europe at Epiq. “But unless you deploy the right technology and process, audio can be time consuming and expensive to review. By partnering with Intelligent Voice, Epiq has further enhanced its workflow, enabling it to continue to offer market leading audio solutions.”
And, Intelligent Voice has just been named as one of the winners of the 11th Annual Speech Technology Excellence Awards.