Elite out as another UK Top 100 law firm – Cripps – switches to Peppermint

Cripps LLP has selected the Peppermint Legal Service Platform, to replace its incumbent Thomson Reuters Elite Enterprise PMS, LexisNexis InterAction CRM and HP WorkSite DMS systems, to underpin the law firm’s ambitious growth programme. Cripps employs over 320 people, serving business and individual clients throughout the UK and internationally. A common trend amongst Peppermint clients is a successful growth strategy and Cripps’s growth trajectory has seen turnover increase more than 45% in the last 3 years to £26m. As the firm has grown its disparate IT systems have become increasingly complicated to integrate, arduous to customise and costly to maintain. To solve this problem Cripps elected to replace its existing legal software and invest in the Peppermint Legal Service Platform – a modern, industry standard technology platform which has the huge advantage of being built on Microsoft Dynamics.
Gavin Tyler, Managing Partner at Cripps (pictured)  said “Cripps’s existing systems were not evolving or innovating as rapidly as we needed and offered limited ways of improving our service delivery for clients. The decision to make this step change to the Peppermint Platform enables us to move forward with confidence.”
The firm will use this cutting edge technology to optimise efficiency and improve client service by exploiting the powerful workflow and business process management tools. Christina Blacklaws, Director of Client Services (pictured) added “Exceptional client service is our aim at Cripps. Everything we do is done with the client in mind. That’s why we were attracted to Peppermint- it puts the client at the heart of the process. Transparency, responsiveness, shareable data, and 24/7 access are rightly being demanded by our clients. Peppermint was the logical partner choice to achieve the integrated IT solution we’re seeking.”
COMMENT: Oh, what unfortunate time as the Elite Vantage worldwide user conference is just kicking off in Law Vegas today. We do hope no other suppliers have Elite-swapout stories to announce.