Webinar: What is Artificial Intelligence and how can it benefit your Law firm? – 9 September

Date: Wednesday 9th September

Time: 16.00 – 16.45 GMT

With the amount of data held in the enterprise growing exponentially, the challenge of finding relevant information is growing proportionally. It is one thing to have difficulty tracking down valuable and hard-won experience and credentials, but when obliged to locate information for compliance or to support due diligence activities, the problem is amplified.

Furthermore, RAVN believe that the era of simply finding the right document set has been surpassed by the need to extract and distil the relevant information held within those documents.

RAVN’s Cognitive Computing technology, RAVN Applied Cognitive Engine (ACE), provides the next leap in information search and retrieval. It mirrors human expertise by understanding corporate unstructured data, such as, documents, emails, social media, etc. and uses natural language processing to automate the process of extracting and distilling key information from within the objects. Interpreting this information, as a human would do, is the first step on the Artificial Intelligence ladder.

How can this technology benefit the Law firm?

Whilst AI technology can be focused inwardly at the law firm, perhaps the greatest opportunity comes from directing it externally to assist in the handling of client matters or in opening up new business services.

Increase efficiency and competitive advantage – Much of the effort in a given client matter can be down to the manual task of reviewing large sets of documents or contracts and extracting the key information. It is only then that the salient points can be interpreted to provide the requested advice for the client. What if you could fast-track the review process and automate the information extraction, or at the very least produce contract summaries of key provisions in easy to review format? RAVN ACE allows just that, resulting in faster turn-around for the client, freeing up capacity for fee-earners and critically, enabling firms to improve their margins.

Mitigate risk – Learn also how RAVN ACE technology can be applied to governance applications, automating the process of policing, for example, that contract terms and conditions comply with acceptable business or risk criteria. This might be as part of a client due diligence exercise or perhaps built into new, competitive legal service offerings.

The use cases for RAVN ACE are virtually unlimited. Complete the registration on the link below to find out how RAVN ACE could help your firm.