Talking Tech: Jan Van Hoecke of RAVN Systems on their move into Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Lawyers

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In our latest Talking Tech video, Jan Van Hoecke, the CTO and co-founder of RAVN Systems, talks to Charles Christian about the company’s evolution from the enterprise search sector and emergence as a provider of AI (artificial intelligence) and “cognitive computing” solutions for lawyers. This video runs for just over 6 minutes – click on the image and the video will open up in a fresh browser window/tab.
Here’s a little more detail from RAVN about their new products and you might also want to check our the webinar they are holding on 9th September (4pm GMT) on this topic – click HERE for webinar information & sign-up link.
ravnaiRAVN Systems, experts in unstructured data processing, are pleased to announce they have made the leap from beyond their revolutionary Enterprise Search technology into Artificial Intelligence and Cognitive Computing technology. The era of simply searching and finding documents has passed and the challenge now is how to extract and distil the information held within documents, emails and other unstructured content. With the exponential growth of corporate data, IT solutions need to go beyond merely finding the most relevant documents a user might be interested in. There is a need for a solution that reads, interprets, summarises and finds the most relevant information contained within this content as well as enforcing policies about data retention and data loss prevention.
RAVN Systems allow you to take the next advance in information retrieval by launching a new product range powered by their Applied Cognitive Engine (RAVN ACE). ACE brings together different technologies from the fields of Information Retrieval, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence in a coherent, enterprise ready solution which can be delivered either on-premise or as a hosted service.
Products built on top of the RAVN ACE platform:
RAVN Extract – Content Summarisation and Information Distillation
RAVN Extract automatically distils key information from documents, adding structure to otherwise unstructured data sets and thus greatly simplifying any business activity involving unstructured content, ranging from data ingestion into other systems through to business intelligence on the 85% of data that would otherwise be outside the scope of analysis.
RAVN Govern – Policing, Compliance and Risk Analytics
RAVN Govern mitigates risk by establishing whether contracts or other business documentation deviate from accepted norms and risk profiles. By automatically categorising sets of content, extracting KPIs and aggregating risk, RAVN Govern ensures non-compliance is identified and quantified, so it can be managed appropriately.
RAVN Refine – Discovery and Management in Place
Discovery and Records Management in Place of your entire electronic document estate. RAVN Refine allows you to intelligently sub-divide your data into clear scopes and refinements and to apply appropriate policies for retention, disposal and other controls for such considerations as sensitivity control. It also exposes “Dark Data” that may otherwise be lost or in breach of regulatory or policy compliance.
RAVN Connect Family – Advanced Enterprise Search
The RAVN Connect Family is an innovative approach to capturing, finding, managing and collaborating on your organisation’s hard won knowledge and experience – learning from behaviour and implicit links between data objects and people.