More eDiscovery consolidation: Kooby-doo where are you? Bought by Inventus that’s where!

Inventus Solutions Inc, a legal process outsourcing (LPO) services provider, just announced it has acquired Kooby LLP, a UK-based software development company focused on providing leading project management solutions for complex eDiscovery matters. Financial terms of the transaction were not disclosed. Inventus is backed by Clearlake Capital Group.
Inventus’s acquisition of Kooby greatly expands the Company’s software development capabilities. Kooby’s Advanced Management Platform (AMP) provides the foundation for Inventus’s development of industry leading project management and client facing dashboard software, allowing Inventus to enhance the end user’s experience when managing complex multi-national eDiscovery, data analysis and document review processes. Effective immediately, Kooby will operate under the Inventus brand and Inventus CEO Trevor Campion will lead the combined business as CEO.
“We pride ourselves on the high level of custom development we’ve engineered within Inventus’s Luminosity suite, and the next generation of that development is the intelligent user interface that will make Luminosity the industry’s gold standard in terms of ease of use and functionality,” said Campion. “We are very pleased to bring Kooby’s AMP platform on board, which is clearly one of the best applications we could buy and adds significant development expertise in-house to complement our existing offering.”
The Kooby development and management teams are now Inventus employees and will lead the Company’s software development efforts going forward. “The cornerstone of our differentiation is the high level of client customization we engineer within each and every project, and the addition of Kooby dramatically enhances our custom development capabilities. In the near future, we will be releasing our first joint product, a customer facing analytics dashboard that will fundamentally change the way our clients manage, analyze and report throughout the eDiscovery process,” said Kellen Murphy, Senior VP of Discovery Operations.
“Inventus’s focus on providing seamless, user friendly execution for highly complex litigation and regulatory matters across multiple international jurisdictions makes Kooby a great fit for the platform,” said Behdad Eghbali of Clearlake. “With the Company’s recent acquisition of European-based Unified OS Ltd (the Paul Mankoo business ..Ed – see LINK) and the support of Kooby’s project management software and development capabilities, Inventus is well positioned to continue leading innovation in the industry with a top-tier, international LPO service offering.”
About Inventus: Inventus is an international discovery management practice focused on helping clients reduce the costs and risks associated with the discovery process through the effective use of leading technology solutions. Since 1991, Inventus has been providing litigation support services to law firms, corporate legal departments and government agencies. Inventus currently has over 240 employees operating in 16 cities internationally, with operational headquarters in downtown Chicago. More information is available at
About Kooby: Kooby is a software provider specializing in the custom development of legal support applications. Founded in 2009 and headquartered in the UK, Kooby has developed a unique project management system called Advanced Management Platform (AMP). AMP is specifically designed for litigation support and eDiscovery projects and provides both a framework to create defensible workflows and an audit tool with customizable reporting dashboards. AMP has been developed to save time, increase efficiency, provide greater transparency, maintain defensibility and facilitate the rapid provision of relevant and critical reports on legal matters.