SOS start month with a brace of new deals… and yes, there’s another Elite swapout

Solicitors Own Software has started July with a brace on new deals for its SOS Connect system from Wrigley’s Solicitors in Yorkshire and Streeter Marshall in Surrey, which is an Elite Enterprise swapout.
Streeter Marshall has opted to replace its incumbent legal software with SOS Connect for practice and matter management. With 75 people based at offices in Croydon, Purley and Warlingham, Streeter Marshall carries out a range of work on behalf of SMEs, families and private clients. After deciding to replace its incumbent legal software* earlier this year, the firm is now preparing to go live with SOS Connect over the course of the next few months.
“Having decided to replace our older system, we found that the replacement being offered by our incumbent supplier was unsuitable as it is tailored more for multi-national, City-type firms,” says Inderjit Dosanjh, partner and head of family law, who is also the firm’s compliance officer for finance and administration (COFA). “We asked the firm’s external consultant to look at what was out there in the market for firms of our type and size, and he advised us that SOS Connect would be ideal.
Yorkshire law firm Wrigleys Solicitors is implementing SOS Connect for its Court of Protection work. The firm, which has over 175 people based in offices in Leeds and Sheffield, has adopted the SOS case management system for its 40-strong Trust and Court of Protection team.
IT manager Robert Porter says the move could lead to the implementation of SOS Connect more widely across the firm, which has an emphasis on private client work but with specialisms in other areas such as charities, education and pensions. “After looking at several options in the marketplace, Wrigleys opted for SOS Connect. What gave SOS Connect the edge was not only the simple, clean interface but also the sector experience of SOS and their existing application for Court of Protection work.”
* According to the Insider’s data, Streeter Marshall is an Elite Enterprise site, having switched to Elite from TMA Sims in late 2005