Latest deals at Linklaters and DAC Beachcroft for NetDocuments and Intapp

We start the week with two new deals featuring NetDocuments at Linklaters and Intapp at DAC Beachcroft…
• Linklaters – Insider sources report that Linklaters last week signed a contract with NetDocuments that will see the firm implement the NetDocuments Decisiv email management system. (This is the system NetDocuments acquired from Recommend in January this year Linklaters currently runs a Documentum DMS and (according to sources) “won’t be even thinking about reviewing document management for at least 18 months.” Interestingly, the Decisiv deal is for an on-premise (rather than cloud) implementation. Incidentally, the price-tag for a Documentum enterprise email management system at an organisation the size of Linklaters would cost over £2 million.
• DAC Beachcroft has selected Intapp Integration Builder and Intapp Flow to connect and manage its software applications. DAC Beachcroft is implementing Intapp Integration Builder and Intapp Flow as part of a broader firm-wide effort to rationalise and simplify its IT infrastructure. “Like most law firms, over the years we’ve built many different systems using many different technologies as our needs evolved. As we explored our options for streamlining our IT environment, we were impressed with the way that Intapp software is already used by many firms to connect a wide range of applications and provide a framework for master data management and business process automation,” said David Aird, IT Director, DAC Beachcroft.