Latest deals: Veale Wasbrough Vizards selection Lexis One to replace legacy Civica Galaxy system

Veale Wasbrough Vizards (VWV) just announced that it is to deploy LexisOne from LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions to replace its incumbent Civica Galaxy practice management system. The solution will also deliver insightful data to facilitate accurate business reporting and timely, strategic decision-making. LexisOne will be implemented across the firm’s offices in London, Bristol and Birmingham.
VWV say they chose LexisOne for its Microsoft technology and integrated functionality covering all aspects of a law firm business – from time, travel and expense processing, billing, procurement, purchase, general ledger and legal accounting, and matter planning through to HR management. With LexisOne built on the Microsoft Dynamics AX platform, the firm anticipates taking advantage of all the upcoming Microsoft technologies including cloud computing platform, Azure, Office 2016 and mobile applications.
“Our practice management system has served us well over the years, but the business environment has substantially changed since we implemented it,” Amanda Loran, Head of Finance at VWV, commented. “LexisOne is a modern system that is designed for the current market landscape. It should help us optimise our resources and adopt business practices that are essential to maximising profitability and for effectively working with clients. More importantly, the technology will never be ‘legacy’, which is essential for business continuity.” Rejecting the traditional tender process for technology selection, VWV invited LexisNexis to jointly work with the firm to help it ‘discover’ the suitability and potential value of LexisOne to the organisation. LexisNexis conducted numerous interviews and workshops to intricately understand the firm’s requirements and subsequently demonstrated the best approach to the solution for VWV.