Latest New Products Round-Up

Here’s the first of a serious of new product and channel news updates we’ll be publishing over the next week. This batch features Vesk for Legal, LexisNexis Firm Manager, LawBase, CosmoLex, Rocket Matter Intake, DocAuto ePredict, DPS & SmartSearch, HighQ Collaborate, Ochresoft Intelliworks, LSG Global Risk Management, Eclipse Legal Systems, BQE BillQuick, and Traveling Coaches LegalMind.

VESK launches cloud computing business focused on the legal sector (UK)
Vesk, a provider of hosted virtual desktops in the UK, has announced it will specialise in the delivery of cloud-based IT services to the legal sector with the creation of a new company called VESK for Legal. VESK for Legal will be run by chief operating officer David Bennett, who joined in May from Corsaire Consulting. Managing director James Mackie said: “Dave has over 20 years of experience in implementing and managing infrastructure and business solutions for law firms. His background is relatively unique, having worked in both large and small law firms. This has given him an appreciation of the pressures and constraints that different size firms are under, and particularly the need to improve productivity and working practices.” 

LexisNexis Firm Manager unveils integration with Microsoft Outlook & Office 365 for calendar sync (US)
LexisNexis has unveiled the latest feature of its Firm Manager software, using a new integration technology for Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Office 365 to synchronise lawyers’ deadlines, appointments and reminders across multiple devices, including computers, tablets, mobile phones and the law firm calendar in the online practice management solution. “When an attorney in a court room makes a calendar change on their mobile device, the change will be uniform across all their calendars and devices without taking any further action,” said Susan Harman, vice president and product champion for the Firm Manager team. “We’ve been able to do this by working closely with the Microsoft team to leverage their newest application program interface (API) and thus eliminate for our customers the hassle of downloading and installing plugins.”

LawBase Announces updates to flagship CMS product (US)
LawBase has updated its flagship case and matter management system to include improved calendar functioning, query by example and better external reporting tools. The updates will occur automatically so users do not have to take any action. Phil Homburger, president of LawBase said: “These latest enhancements further show our commitment to our users and our goal to ensure LawBase is delivering on their changing needs.”

CosmoLex incorporates accounting solution in latest legal PMS (US)
CosmoLex has unveiled its latest practice management and billing software, version 3.0, which now incorporates a legal business accounting solution, giving small law firms and sole practitioners all the tools they need to run a successful practice. Rick Kabra, chief executive of CosmoLex said: “Until CosmoLex, there was no web-based law practice management software that could also tackle the exact accounting requirements of the legal profession. Law firms had to make do with customising and tweaking generic accounting packages as best they could.

Rocket Matter introduces online client intake forms for law firms (US)
Rocket Matter has announced the release of Rocket Matter Intake, an automated form builder solution that sits within a firm’s own website and integrates with Rocket Matter’s client relationship management solution. Client information gathered by Rocket Matter Intake is funnelled into the CRM, from where legal professionals can automatically create engagement letters, wills, motions and other commonly used legal documents. Larry Port, CEO of Rocket Matter said: “Collecting information through online forms for client intake removes errors and saves time. Then, when Rocket Matter auto-populates that same data into legal forms, we’re removing hours of wasted time from the legal workflow. That creates more opportunity for actual lawyering.”

DocAuto releases ePredict 2.0 for improved email management for iManage Work (US & EMEA)
DocAuto has released the latest version of ePredict, which forms part of its suite of email management solutions designed to provide users with easy ways to identify what email content should be filed to WorkSite. ePredict 2.0 provides real-time tagging of Outlook e-mail messages by predicting and suggesting WorkSite destination target WorkSpaces or folders, based on e-mail addresses and subject line text. The new version of ePredict includes additional capabilities for bulk tagging and message clean-up, an improved interface for multi-server and multi-database environments, a more powerful and flexible user interface, and improved data management for faster performance.

DPS offers ‘1 click’ know-your-customer compliance solution (UK)
DPS users can now carry out identification and anti-money laundering (AML) checks using one single click straight from their DPS case management system. This integration has been achieved by linking into the data of AML verification specialist SmartSearch, which has partnered with Experian. The resulting certificate is produced automatically and saved against the corresponding matter in DPS. The system also provides an “alerts service” that triggers an email alert to the Money Laundering Reporting Officer (MLRO), in case a client fails the check and serious risk sanctions and warnings have been encountered. Scott Ridley, technical director at DPS said: “By adding this extra feature to our system, we are providing a one-stop-shop solution for the management of a case, from inception to completion.’’

HighQ unveils Collaborate 3.4: enhancing data security and boosting personal productivity (US & EMEA & APAC)
HighQ has released HighQ Collaborate 3.4, a major release that combines secure file sharing and advanced document management with leading-edge enterprise social collaboration, personal productivity and project management tools. Major security enhancements have led the way in this release with the addition of hybrid file storage and client encryption key management, which are designed to allay any remaining fears firms may have about moving to the cloud. 

Intelliworks gets new look (UK)
Legal workflow specialist Ochresoft has released version 5 of its cloud-based Intelliworks software, which has been modernised, with clearer layouts, instruction and navigation, and a new colour palette more sympathetic to today’s extended system use and ‘at screen’ time. Version 5 also sees the useful addition of electronic document registration service (e-DRS) integration, with the system automatically processing applications to the Land Registry, driving down both cost and risk while creating a full audit trail. Other new functionality includes Smart Updates, which allows all content updates (such as changes to workflows and precedents) to be downloaded in the background uniformly across the client user base, meaning updates can be released in advance of legal or compliance changes coming into force.

LSG Launches Global Enterprise Risk Management Suite (US & UK)
New York-based software application and business process outsourcing company LSG has announced the launch of GERMS – Global Enterprise Risk Management Suite – to help businesses achieve greater transparency by mitigating and offsetting risk. LSG specialises in procurement, vendor and litigation management and key features of GERMS include an enterprise vendor management module to automate essential tasks; enterprise risk management and compliance module in accordance with Solvency II and Lloyd’s Minimum Standards; an analytics module; and a fraud/special investigation unit module to detect fraudulent claims.

Proclaim debt recovery software integrates with County Court Bulk Centre for electronic claims (UK)
Eclipse Legal Systems has enhanced its Proclaim debt recovery case management software system by enabling customers to upload multiple requests directly to the County Court Bulk Centre (CCBC) via the Secure Data Transfer portal. A wide new range of services is available, encompassing the submission of a request for a claim, request for judgement, automated retrieval of defendant responses, warrant requests, and notification of paid cases. Once the claims have been processed and issued, feedback on case progress is managed by Proclaim’s Task Server and fed into the respective originating cases, updating users by way of Proclaim’s integrated task management system.  All data submitted to, and retrieved from, CCBC is encrypted to ensure security in transit.

BQE Software unveils BillQuick Legal 2015 (US)
Time billing, accounting and project management software company BQE Software has announced the release of BillQuick Legal 2015. The billing and accounting software combines the broader functionality of BillQuick 2015 with legal-specific features to provide an efficient billing solution for small and midsize law firms. “The ability to track time via smart timers on your mobile device combined with intelligent automatic billing is a goal for many law firms, and we have successfully delivered the future of legal billing in this update,” said Shafat Qazi, CEO and founder of BQE Software.

Traveling Coaches releases LegalMind personal learning portal (US)
Learning and development company Traveling Coaches has announced the release of LegalMind, a personal learning portal for legal professionals. LegalMind is designed to help lawyers and legal staff increase their skills and build new competencies through a personalised learning experience, either through short video tutorials, scenario-based self-study or a virtual classroom. “Law firms have potential to improve performance, increase efficiency and reduce cost if they can target the right training to the right people at the right time. Unfortunately, lawyers and their staff in many firms are less engaged than ever with the training offered to them,” said Gina Buser, Traveling Coaches chief executive officer. “LegalMind is one place a Legal Professional can go to get answers, tips, tutorials and knowledge checks on subjects ranging from technology to professional development to the business of law.”