Webinar: Mastering WorkSpace Aging and Archiving with WorkSpace Manager – 24 September

Thursday, September 24th at 3:00PM BST. Registration link: http://bit.ly/1gQc6Iu
Aging and archiving decisions are an important part of an organization’s overall document management lifecycle strategy and allows your users to locate relevant content quickly and efficiently, while balancing system performance and records retention requirements. The aging and archiving functionalities of WorkSpace Manager can be used for database migrations, mergers of different WorkSite systems, centralization initiatives, and the maintenance of parallel WorkSpaces in multi-database distributed environments. During this webinar, Ben Firth, Head of UK Operations, will review the intricate features of the WorkSpace Manager aging and archiving arsenal, and demonstrate the different methods of utilizing aging to address different business needs. Email erin@docauto.com