ILTA CON News: New offerings from Intapp & Tikit

The torrent of “new product news” press releases that inevitably accompanies ILTA in now underway however, picking our way through all those stories of point upgrades to ediscovery products by companies we’ve never heard of, we have plucked a couple of nuggets for your delectation from Intapp and Tikit…
* Intapp has unveiled Intapp Marketplace – a showcase of more than 80 solutions built on the Intapp Flow platform. Highlighting solutions developed by Intapp services partners, Intapp Marketplace enables customers to connect directly with third-party vendors with the specific expertise they are looking for. Intapp Marketplace features solutions built on Intapp Flow covering a broad range of categories, including:
· IP Practice Automation
· Matter Management
· Knowledge Management
· DMS / Workspace Management
· Records Management
· Document Service Center
· Risk Management & Compliance
· Marketing & Business Development
· Workflows for Finance, IT and HR Departments
· Vendor Management
Here’s a link to the website and we also have a video

* Next up, Tikit has announced the Tikit Carpe Diem Apple App for the Apple Watch. Mark Garnish, Development Director, Tikit explains: “The Carpe Diem App for the Apple Watch gives attorneys another time capture option on the devices they are most likely to use. Our mission is to make time capture as easy and natural as possible, addressing realistic and relevant user workflows. The Carpe Diem App achieves just that.” ILTA attendees will be eligible to win an Apple Watch. In order to participate, attendees should visit the Tikit team at booth #811/813 (terms and conditions apply).