Collyer Bristow swapping out Axxia Arista in favour of LexisOne – updated

LexisNexis Enterprise Solutions just announced that London-based law firm Collyer Bristow LLP is swapping out its Axxia Arista practice management system in favour of LexisOne. When fully deployed, LexisOne will be used across the firm in Collyer Bristow’s London and Geneva offices. LexisOne will streamline Collyer Bristow’s business environment across multiple applications including time management, billing, procurement, purchasing, legal accounting, matter planning, and management information.
Prior to selecting LexisOne, Collyer Bristow undertook an extensive review of the relevant IT systems for law firms available on the market. “We are taking an ERP-led approach to improve the efficiency of our financial and client data management processes,” said Paul Newhall, the firm’s Business Development Director. “LexisOne has been specifically designed to meet the needs of a modern law firm operating in an increasingly challenging and complex market. Most importantly it provides us with a platform that further streamlines our business processes and will allow us to deliver an even higher level of insight to our clients.”