Startup Corner: Don’t Get Hacked – Get CUJO

Here’s an interesting new startup – CUJO ( which launched on Indiegogo last week – see  CUJO is a connected device for your home that analyzes all your home network packets and ensures your Internet appliances (including Internet of Things stuff when that starts to appear) have not been compromised by hackers. It is super simple to install and no upgrades, ever and will cost $9.00 a month. The Indiegogo site has everything you need to know about the device and the plan is start shipping globally in March 2016.
In a nutshell, here’s how it works:
• You buy a CUJO device and plug it into your router at home
• CUJO then effectively hacks your home network and listens to all traffic from/to all of your connected devices (listening to network packets in your network)
• CUJO relies on a Cloud-based threat detection database to ensure it knows how to protect you from all known and also zero-day threats by employing a number of smart detection algorithms
• If there is suspicious network activity (example, your refrigerator is sending 100,000 DNS requests per second), CUJO blocks the malicious traffic and alerts you on your CUJO app (on your smart phone)
Insider readers may like to note that long time legal tech entrepreneur Yuri Frayman (he recently sold his Frayman Group software business to Intapp) is the co-founder & chairman of CUJO – the CEO (& other co-founder) is Einaras Gravrock.