New White Paper: Document Management Systems & Public Inquiries – REVISED

In recent years there have been outcries over various Public Inquiries in which the costs of investigation have been far higher than reasonably expected. The taxpaying public understandably questions the overall costs and whether they are getting value for money.
In the Al-Sweady Inquiry, for example, the court criticised the Ministry of Defence for failing to carry out a sufficient search for documents, and emphasised the importance of an adequate document retrieval system, to avoid the waste of much public money and court time.
Technology is changing investigations. There are now numerous tools that government bodies may deploy in the acquisition, processing, and review of documents in the discovery process. An efficiently managed and transparent process can restore taxpayer confidence in Public Inquiries. Ultimately, an Inquiry that runs on time and delivers under budget through the use of eDiscovery technology can provide resolution for individuals and entities who are party to the hearings, as well as financial relief for the British taxpayer. Read the DTI White Paper HERE