Webinar: Improving Email Filing with EIM – DocAuto Inc – 29 October

Thursday, October 29th at 3:00PM GMT / 11:00 EST (webinar)
Register here: http://bit.ly/1QN87IR
E-mail content continues to represent the largest volume of content stored by most organizations today, and, with the number of e-mails sent and received growing at 7% per year, ineffective e-mail management practices not only present problems from a risk management and records management standpoint, but also prevents users from accessing relevant content.
During this session, Ben Firth will discuss how Exchange Importer Module improves e-mail management and allows for faster and easier filing of emails into WorkSite, as well as demonstrate how EIM:
• Allows administrators to process multiple mailboxes on the server-side, avoiding tying up users mailboxes
• Deduplicates filed emails
• Identifies emails that need to be filed
• Processes legacy emails and content