MatterMojo introduces a new time recording capability for UK & US markets

tim cheadleAfter a development process involving one of the industry’s leading costs lawyers, Ad Coelum Technology has unveiled a new time recording capability incorporated within its matter management system, MatterMojo.
MatterMojo is a cloud-based matter management system which allows law firms to manage clients, matters, inception and risk via a simple portal. It has contact and task management and integrates with key document management providers. Its new functionality means that time entries are summarised through time tiles on the MatterMojo user dashboards and an export feature allows matter time reports to be exported to Excel.
The development team was assisted by Andy Ellis of Practico Cost Lawyers, a MatterMojo customer and member of the Hutton Committee, which looked into creating a uniform classification of the time being recorded by lawyers, in response to Lord Justice Jackson’s demand for better costs reporting. On the basis of the Uniform Task-Based Management System applied in the US, the Hutton Committee created the J-Codes for the UK.
The new time recording capability is compliant with the J-Codes and American Bar Association litigation Codes (among others), and allows users to quickly and easily record time entries against matters while ensuring the necessary phase, task and activity codes are also captured correctly.
Ellis, who volunteered his time to help steer product design and development, said: “It has been very refreshing to have a constructive dialogue with MatterMojo who clearly see the direction of travel with costs reporting standards and are working to provide a clean and affordable solution.”
Ad Coelum was launched by in 2013 by chief executive Tim Cheadle (pictured), formerly general manager of LexisNexis’ UK and international enterprise solutions. Cheadle said: “Although much has been spoken about the billable hour, lawyers will continue to record time if only to help reconcile costs. Responding to customer requests has prompted us to build this new capability with the help of experts from the legal market”.
Ad Coelum Technology continues to build out its product and in the short term it will be focusing on user requested enhancements and client collaboration.