E-Disclosure Systems – Buyers Guide

• eDisclosure Systems (March 2015 – UK) – v3.1 Revised as at 30 March – “the best resource on eDisclosure available”
The 2015 edition of the eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide is now available! Compiled and edited by Andrew Haslam and published by Allvision in conjunction with Legal IT Insider, the latest edition is bigger than before (up from 73 to 100 suppliers, and 57 to 70 products), better than before (addition of Allvision training courses and the results of the 2014 CAR Survey) and still as humorous. (Well as funny as ediscovery ever can be!) The latest edition has already been described by one leading US commentator as “the best resources on eDisclosure available.” The 13.2 MB, 436 page PDF can be downloaded directly and FREE of charge from: http://cloudbox.legaltechnology.com/eDisclosureSystemsBuyersGuide2015v3_0.pdf
• eDisclosure Systems (February 2014 – UK)
The second edition of the eDisclosure Systems Buyers Guide (2014 edition) from Andrew Haslam of Allvision Computing and Legal IT Insider is now available. As well as updated sections for readers on what eDisclosure is all about, and how best to procure a litigation support system, the Guide now has details on more suppliers (up from 46 to 73), more software (44 to 57 products) and more humour (zero to three cartoons).
Andrew Haslam comments “Like last year, the first part of the volume comprises detailed information on the litigation support marketplace, including a set of procurement requirements that readers can cut and paste into their own documents. During 2013, I was honoured to take be a member of the working party that produced the Technology and Construction Court protocol to eDisclosure and surrounding documentation, and I have used that material to extensively re-work the introductory chapters. The second half was provided by all the vendors, and details both their capabilities, and those of the software they use.”
Possible readers of the Guide are end users of these systems, be they lawyers, barristers, inhouse counsel or IT departments. The Guide does not purport to identify the “best” software or supplier in the marketplace but instead aims to supply information to allow users to arrive a shortlist of potential vendors, with a procurement exercise being the next logical step.
Charles Christian adds “Last year, Andrew’s work was recognised as one of the most comprehensive and detailed reviews of the litigation support marketplace [and was the most downloaded item from the Legal IT Insider website]. This year’s edition builds on that foundation and is an even more useful addition to our family of Buyer’s Guides”
The guide is free, contains no advertising (other than the vendors words and software descriptions) and is available to download here as an approx 10 Mb, 343 page PDF file. http://cloudbox.legaltechnology.com/eDisclosureSystemsBuyersGuide2014v2_0.pdf
• eDisclosure Systems (April 2013 – UK)
Pages from eDisclosure Systems - Buyers Guide 2013 V1_1
• UPDATED… eDisclosure Systems – Buyers Guide (2013 edition, v1.2) is available as a FREE 198-page 3.9Mb PDF download. Written & compiled by Andrew Haslam of AllVision in conjunction with Legal IT Insider, the guide will be updated on an annual basis. The 1st edition of this guide has now been updated to add additional suppliers and expanded content. The 2nd edition will be published in February 2014. Click link to download.
“What Andrew has put together is nothing short of remarkable and IMO puts Gartner to shame…” – Jerome Raguin, Founder & Director, Lex Connect