Bird & Bird launches ‘first of a kind’ digital marketing law guide app

Bird & Bird has created what is understood to be the first app designed by a law firm to help in-house marketing teams and agencies with the legal issues surrounding international digital marketing campaigns.
The app, which incorporates the laws of nine European countries including the United Kingdom, covers topics such as email marketing, promotions, use of social media, comparative advertising, information requirements and commercial communication.
Covering the local laws of Belgium, Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Sweden and the Netherlands, as well as the UK, the app will help in-house teams at brands and agencies to understand some of their obligations when running an international campaign.
It has been created as a result of Bird & Bird’s media and marketing experts receiving queries from a large number of clients who want to clear their campaigns across multiple jurisdictions.
Phil Sherrell, head of the top 20 UK law firm’s International Media Group, told Legal IT Insider: “Bird & Bird’s clients increasingly want to take a common approach to marketing campaigns across multiple jurisdictions.  Unfortunately, even in the EU the laws and regulations which affect advertising are rarely fully harmonised.  We hope that the app will offer a user-friendly way of easing the process.”
He added: “We’re lucky in that very few other firms have media expertise in each of these countries, so we are well placed to help clients with multi-jurisdiction issues.”
The app is being launched as part of a wider effort by Bird & Bird to create products that will make the law more accessible, helping its clients resolve simpler legal questions themselves before turning to Bird & Bird when things become slightly more complex. In August this year, the 1,048-lawyer firm released the third version of its cross-jurisdictional cloud computing app.
Sherrell said of the digital marketing law app: “We think we’re the first firm to create an app like this and we hope it will cement our reputation for innovation with our clients.”
The app is available to download on both mobile phones and tablets via the iTunes app store and Google Play.