Webinar: How can the next generation Search and Cognitive Computing technologies help your organisation unlock hidden knowledge?

Date: 1st December 2015
Time: 4pm – 4.45pm GMT
It’s vital that employees are not only able to find what they are looking for in the mountains of documents, emails, social media, videos, audio and other unstructured data that exists in the enterprise today, but also WHO they are looking for. Locating an expert in a particular area can often be more valuable than a static piece of information.
Organisations need a new kind of Enterprise Search platform that will:
– Effectively access your extensive knowledge base and retain competitive advantage and efficiency
– Constantly analyse existing data to determine who are the experts in particular areas
– Ensure people are kept at the forefront their specialisms and current market trends
– Ensure compliance with regulatory controls
RAVN’s Connect Enterprise achieve’s all of the above. It is a powerful solution for finding, managing and collaborating your organisation’s knowledge as well as third party feeds. Full Enterprise Search capabilities are combined with collaboration features, which encourage the sharing of knowledge and surfacing expertise.
The solution also uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to learn from behaviour and establish explicit and implicit links between data objects and people. Once you’ve found the document you’ve been searching for RAVN Connect Enterprise can be further enhanced to automatically read, summarise information from that document to further increase efficiencies.
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