RBRO Solutions announces partnership with HighQ

RBRO Solutions and HighQ have signed a global resell agreement that will give their customers access to one another’s flagship products.
RBRO, which provides content management solutions and integration tools to enable organisations to get more out of iManage WorkSite, now has the ability to sell the HighQ Collaborate solution in the global market.
The deal will in turn allow customers of HighQ, which provides an enterprise-grade, privately hosted cloud platform in which organisations collaborate and share information, to benefit from RBRO’s Link2DMS product offering.
Link2DMS facilitates integrations with any content that doesn’t naturally integrate with WorkSite, including Sharepoint or Dropbox. Users are able to open and save non-integrated applications and documents within WorkSite with a right click, with an optional PDF Interceptor to allow users to directly convert supported file types into a PDF.
“The combined blend of technologies,” said John Russell, co-chief executive at RBRO Solutions, “will provide the level of access and collaboration our clients have not seen before.” John founded the RBRO business with his brother Howard in Canada in 2003 and the business now hires 40 people and has 17 global channel partners.
“We are delighted to be in partnership with RBRO Solutions and extending our reach into the US, European and APAC regions. We look forward to working with Howard, John and the team and creating a long lasting and successful partnership,” said Ajay Patel, CEO at HighQ.
Incidentally, RBRO is running a campaign to challenge CIO’s that if it can’t save them time with LINK2DMS it will give them an iWatch.  “We have seen great success with LINK2DMS one of our flagship products and nothing but positive feedback.  Obviously this challenge is subject to terms and conditions,” RBRO says. Ed