Neota Logic’s work with Akerman Data Law Center will “transform the way companies manage their data law risks”

Neota Logic says that the work it is doing with the new Akerman Data Law Center – a technology-driven data privacy and security law service for corporate counsel and compliance officers – will transform the way companies manage their data law risks and compliance obligations.
Akerman, a top 100 US law firm, announced on 20 November that the data centre, developed in conjunction with Neota and Thomson Reuters Managed Legal Service, will support clients across all industries that are vulnerable to regulatory scrutiny and cyber-attacks, including large enterprises in the retail, banking, insurance and healthcare sectors.
The online product, built on the Neota Logic platform, will provide tailored research, multi-jurisdictional surveys and regulatory gap analyses in a wide array of data and privacy risk areas, empowering clients to quickly and cost-effectively understand and handle routine compliance matters before they become crises.
The content, proclaimed to be “the most comprehensive inventory of U.S. data and privacy laws/regulations available on the market today,” consists of comprehensive legal research on U.S. State and Federal regulations, as well as ongoing updates and regulatory analyses of data privacy and breach reporting requirements.
Akerman’s team of lawyers provided high-value analysis and legal advice on the key data privacy and security issues confronting enterprises every day. Neota Logic’s innovative technology platform then leverages the power of artificial intelligence to deliver legal insights from Akerman’s attorneys in a cost-efficient way.
Neota says its technology will allow Akerman to provide a highly efficient solution for data law compliance that it claims can reduce legal fees by more than 80% as compared with traditional hourly rate services.
“We are pleased to partner with Akerman in the deployment of this ground breaking legal information tool, which will transform the way companies manage their data law risks and compliance obligations,” said Matt Gillis, president of Neota Logic.
“Using the Neota platform, the Akerman Data Law Center will empower in-house legal and compliance departments to quickly and cost-effectively understand everyday compliance matters.”
Jeffrey Sharer, co-chair of the data law practice at Akerman added: “Thanks to this sophisticated technology, clients can locate and synthesize complex information instantaneously, which will allow them to identify and mitigate risks before they become crises.”