Startup Corner: Absolute Barrister same “Game Over” on old UX models

Gun_Barrel_bloodWith Absolute Barrister set to launch its new platform in January, co-founder Simon Gittins told the Insider the focus was all about the User Experience(UX)…
“We have designed one of the most efficient UX focused back-ends for the supply of legal services that the legal industry has ever seen. It’s taken a long time and it’s worth shouting about. Our new legal platform is redesigned using principles we created.
“We didn’t take our legal insight straight to a technical expert but first to designers – they told us nobody had ever employed them in this way. We didn’t send an RFI to twenty companies and select the second cheapest – we understood the technology in depth and sought out the the experts, the geeks, the nerds wherever they are in the world and we didn’t take no for an answer. We got to understand the structure behind the technology and we have partnerships with the very best service providers based on what our clients need.
“From fingertip to our database and back again, each document view, search, and flick of the finger triggers queries designed specifically for what our clients and our team need now, and what they might need next. This makes the beautiful UX inherently fast without just adding extra resource and is perfect for mobile data use. You see, technology isn’t just part of our business, it is our business.
“For those in law who employ the use of technology reluctantly, use off the shelf packages designed for someone else, or see technology as functional rather than strategic, it’s game over.