Law Society pulls the plug on the Veyo conveyancing portal – shocked to discover no demand for a product when there is a free alternative

The Veyo hare has turned into Monty Python’s parrot. The English Law Society has just announced that its Veyo conveyancing portal is being closed down. We’ll be following up with our own coverage but in the meantime we’re linking to the Law Society Gazette article so you can also see the readers’ comment, particularly those of Ian Newbery. One particular point is that at the time the project was announced, it was said £10 million had already been spent on product development and that the Law Society had a 60% stake, whereas the Gazette article suggests only £600,000 of members money has been wasted. So has Mastek, the other partner in Veyo, lost £10m or is the full financial picture still to emerge?
Veyo e-conveyancing project to be wound up