Webinar: Better Controlling eDiscovery Costs

As technology has improved the ways in which data is collected and used in litigation, the amount of data being collected has soared – leading to increased data-related costs and decreased productivity and/or billability for counsel.
Compounding the cost issue is the continued use of per-unit pricing for eDiscovery. While low per-gigabyte rates may seem attractive to corporations and law firms for managing all their case data during eDiscovery, what they don’t realize is that these cost savings will be negated or even reversed by higher document review costs later on. Alternative fee arrangements and Total Project Cost estimates can significantly reduce overall eDiscovery costs.
This webinar will explore the root causes of increasing eDiscovery costs and strategies some corporate counsel are using to try to control these costs. It will present survey data and findings on how satisfied they are with TAR, and illustrate other ways of effectively controlling costs, including migrating to an AFA model and choosing the right providers.
Panelists: Dave Deppe, President of UnitedLex; Christopher DiMarco, Executive Editor of Legaltech News; and Nicholas Bruch, Senior Legal Market Analyst at ALM
The webinar takes place Dec. 10, Thursday at 2:00pm ET. Please contact Carolyn Depko at Carolyn@plat4orm.com to register.