Not so much a Merry Christmas e-card as a Spooky Yule – there’s an app for that!

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without something weird from Insider founder Charles Christian and this year is no exception with not so much a Happy Holidays e-card as a Spooky Yule app…
Fed up with the traditional sugary festivities and the tweeness of Advent calendars and The 12 Days of Christmas? Well now there is a darkly humorous and quirky alternative – and it is available as a FREE Apple iOS app for iPhones and iPads.
Called The 13 Days of Christmas and produced by Charles Christian, each day over the 13 days following the 26 December, the app unlocks a new comic book style illustration, a fresh rhyme and a description of the macabre, darker side of the holiday season – everything from wizards, witches and ghosts to dragons, unicorns and dark satanic rites. (Yes, it may be a little NSFW.)
Forget cute elves and rosy cheeked Santa, after this, Christmas may never seem the same again.
But wait! ’Tis the season of giving so every few days you will find a surprise bonus free gift waiting for you to open. It might be a horror story, it might be a folklore or fantasy tale but it certainly won’t be socks!
Initial reactions to the app include “this is the coolest thing” (from the CMO of a major US legal IT vendor) to “looks amazing”and “awesome” (the latter by a form City lawyer).
Both the app and the content of The 13 Days of Christmas are completely free with no in-app purchases or hidden extras after download. The app is available for immediate download from the Apple App Store however apart from the introductory page, the content remains locked until Boxing Day.
Here is the link to the app’s microsite
and to the download page on the Apple App Store