Startup Corner: Probate Assist launched in Aus

A new one-stop-shop online probate solution is available for Australian free trials in association with the New South Wales Law Society after officially launching to the market on 11 January 2016.
Probate Assist is a complete workflow solution that will provide a single respository for all probate matters from notification through to Supreme Court submission.
It provides all of the necessary components required to enter a probate claim, as well as the ability to attach the many associated forms and information with each claim.
Information only needs to be entered once as the system populates other forms requesting the same information.
Mark Walker, head of growth, who most recently worked for IBM Australia as Enterprise Coverage Specialist for ITS, said: “We even have provision for digital signatures included to automate the process, however at this stage the Australian Banks do not accept digital signatures, despite the court system accepting them.”
Probate Assist, led by managing director Pedram Afshar, a former director at Automated Data Analytics and before that a manager at Westpac Bank, is browser-based and allows firms to use the product for a monthly subscription fee that includes full support.
The business is the latest limb of two-year old Australian business eClosure, which seeks out a person’s digital footprint when they die, including their email accounts, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram profiles, and either closes them or leaves them in a ‘memorial state’ depending on the family wishes. eClosure Money searches all major Australian banks and share registries for assets that belong to a deceased family member.
eClosure has also developed barrister booking and billing solution BarBooks, which Walker says has “enjoyed a terrific uptake from barristers across Australia in the past few months.”
The ambitious young company has plans to expand its offering throughout New Zealand and the Oceania regions and then up to Asia. USA and UK next.