iManage announces launch of Belfast R&D and support centre

iManage has today (2 February) announced the opening of an R&D and support centre in Belfast focused on records management, information governance and security issues as it also launches the latest version of iManage Records Manager at Legaltech New York.
The emphasis of the new centre will be on the expansion and enhancement of iManage Govern, the company’s flagship governance software, now available as a cloud service or an on-premises installation.
iManage Govern includes iManage Records Manager for paper and electronic records management, and iManage Archive Manager for long-term storage and governance of professional work product. The centre will continue improving these existing products, and make additional developments in the areas of security, governance and information management.
iManage has also announced the launch of iManage Records Manager 6.3, a substantial product update that adds more than 60 enhancements designed to simplify everyday tasks, improve accountability, and provide users with greater insights that help productivity and staff allocation. A key change is the inclusion of a new disposition feature, which automates and enriches compliance when files are deleted, released to clients or transferred to other firms. As files are disposed of by records staff, users may track both the reason for disposition and who approved it, with notes added to each file to reflect these instructions.
“We heard clearly from our top customers that the number one issue in information management for professional services is the governance and security of client documents,” said Neil Araujo, CEO of iManage. “Professional services firms hold some of the most valuable and sensitive information that corporations have. Increasingly, the security and governance of that information in concert with increasing client demands imposes a challenge and creates new barriers to getting work done efficiently. This new initiative will focus on how to provide professional firms with the highest level of governance and security, while still enabling information to flow freely between trusted parties and improving professional productivity.”