Legaltech New York: Releases from Rocket Matter, Mitratech, Actiance and DocAuto

Who needs Manhattan. This week we bring you the latest releases from Legaltech New York as they come in, without all that walking around.

It’s the official opening of LTNY this very day (2 February) and cloud-based legal practice management software company Rocket Matter is launching two new integrations aimed at boosting law firm revenue generation, collections, and financial accountability.

Rocket Matter users will now be able to synchronise their legal time and billing data with QuickBooks Online by Intuit. As Intuit changes its strategic focus to the cloud, it is eliminating API-based synchronization to the desktop.  In order to proactively assist law firms with the transition to QuickBooks Online, Rocket Matter is introducing a robust, full-featured integration that ties together detailed information between the two systems, including invoices, expenses, trust account credits and debits.

“We’re very excited to be part of this seismic shift as law firms move their accounting software to the cloud,” says Larry Port, Rocket Matter’s CEO and founder. “We were careful to maintain Rocket Matter’s familiar, intuitive approach with the powerful features in QuickBooks Online. Law firm accountants and bookkeepers, we listened!”

The Florida-based company is also launching Rocket Matter Payments, a fully integrated payment processing service that allows law firms to simplify and automate the process of sending invoices to their clients and collecting payments.

In booth #334 and booth #1995, Mitratech will be showcasing its release of TeamConnect 4.1, which includes a redesign and expansion of search capabilities, additional spend management features for outside counsel negotiations, and workflow enhancements – all designed to increase the usability of the system for legal department staff.

With TeamConnect 4.1, Mitratech clients are also able to take advantage of Mitratech’s Upgrades Included Program, a free set of upgrade services first introduced to clients with the release of TeamConnect 4.0 last summer.

“The release of TeamConnect 4.1 enhances our clients’ overall user experience and creates tangible value for the legal department,” said Mitratech CEO Jason Parkman.   “These new features, combined with our Upgrades Included Program, further delivers on our mission to make the legal department the best-run function in the organization by providing superior technology to manage the increasingly complex responsibilities of our clients.”

In booth #2006 Actiance today releases On-Demand Preservation capabilities for Alcatraz, its cloud-based archive, enabling organizations to hold, capture, search and review content across more than 70 communications and social channels, lowering costs and mitigating legal risks.

Actiance’s On-Demand Preservation capability leverages a modern, tamper-proof data store that legal teams can utilise by uploading content to automatically place under legal hold whenever required for eDiscovery. Electronically stored information is then immediately available for legal teams to conduct searches, filter unneeded content, and export data for downstream legal review. 

“The standards for legal preservation have become better defined, posing greater challenges for customers who face frequent, unpredictable legal discovery,” said Kailash Ambwani, president and CEO, Actiance. “Actiance’s On-Demand Preservation capabilities provide a gold standard in proving that a firm has taken the reasonable steps required by the Federal rules to collect and preserve all information that may be relevant for litigation.”

Also demonstrating their latest SharePoint solutions at LTNY will be enterprise content management solutions provider DocAuto. ePredict for SharePoint automates email filing company wide, with its zero additional click tagging of sent and received messages. DocAuto’s Exhange Importer Module for SharePoint gives administrators the tools they need to automatically import Exchange content into SharePoint sites and document libraries. 

“While developing our email management solutions, DocAuto worked closely with our clients to ensure that these products address the unique issues SharePoint users face.  The end result being a comprehensive set of solutions that allow our clients to properly store, organize, and secure their e-mail content,” said David Kiefer, CEO of DocAuto.

Kiefer will be demonstrating these new solutions at the Law Firm CIO & CTO Forum tomorrow, 3 February.

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