iManage hires former Ince & Co IT director Frank White

iManage has hired former Ince & Co IT director Frank White as subject matter expert in legal.
White, who joined Ince in 1995 as an IT manager and rose through the ranks to become global IT director in June 2006, has been brought in to help iManage understand the needs of its customers and deliver better products.
White was one of the early adopters of iManage’s ‘matter centric’ WorkSite 8 document management system (DMS), replacing Ince’s existing Hummingbird DMS around the time that iManage was acquired by Interwoven. 
He told Legal IT Insider: “I’m trying to help iManage understand their user base in legal and to get an understanding of how the product is used. I’ll be interacting with customers and talking about stuff I can empathise with and how you go about fixing it.”
He added: “I’ll be helping iManage to develop the product and helping the client to get the best return on their investment.”
The iManage team, which stayed together when Interwoven was acquired in 2009 by Autonomy and when Hewlett-Packard (HP) subsequently acquired Autonomy in 2011, completed a management buyout from HP in July last year. iManage co-founders Neil Araujo and Rafiq Mohammadi took on the role of CEO and chief scientist respectively. Geoff Hornsby, part of the management team who was previously director of regional sales at HP, is now general manager at iManage.
Hornsby told Legal IT Insider: “Having implemented numerous legal systems, including more than one document management system, Frank has a wealth of knowledge.
“He has been brought on board to better understand our customers’ needs so that we deliver better products and create more value.”
There will be an evangelism side to the role and White will be making sure that iManage clients are using the product to its full capacity. While at Ince & Co, White helped The Landscape Group in its development with HP of cloud-based HP Flow printers that incorporate iManage’s DMS and he said: “Do people use it? Do they even know about it?”
He added: “I will be an advocate for iManage and also a thorn in their side to make sure that things are fixed and that the next iteration is better than the last.”