Belgian lawyers go with iManage for document sharing

iManage just announced that Belgian law firm Claeys & Engels has selected iManage Share to enable its lawyers to easily, yet securely, share documents, with clients and other law firms. Integrated with its existing iManage Work system, iManage Share enables Claeys & Engels to eliminate the risks associated with unauthorized use of commercial web-based document sharing options while giving individual lawyers more autonomy in managing access rights and permissions.
Claeys & Engels operate six offices across Belgium, but works with firms in nearly 50 countries around the world as part of Ius Laboris, an international alliance of HR lawyers. Collaboration internally, as well as with clients and Ius Laboris colleagues, was not efficient because lawyers had to rely on the firm’s IT department to set up permissions and parameters on its password-protected website to enable sharing of documents. This time consuming and unwieldy process often led lawyers to rely on less secure means of collaboration, such as email or Dropbox.
“After evaluating our options, we saw that iManage Share was the ideal choice for secure collaboration. It operates seamlessly with the iManage Work system our lawyers are accustomed to using, making it simple to share documents directly from Outlook,” said Tim Van Caeyzeele, IT manager for Claeys & Engels. “With iManage Share, our lawyers don’t have to wait for us to provide credentials, so they are less likely to seek out less secure solutions. We still have control over security, but lawyers won’t have to wait for us to intervene at every moment.”