DictateNow planning to go head-to-head with Moneypenny with new InTouchNow service

In a move that will take the company head-to-head with the services offered by current market leader Moneypenny, the digital dictation and transcription outsourcing specialist DictateNow has launched a new service, InTouchNow, to help businesses handle phone calls when they are unable to, or choose not to answer.
Solicitor and founder Maxine Park explains: “The internet has changed the business world and for many consumers the concept of the traditional 9 to 5 working day has been consigned to the past. People now search at all times of the day and night for businesses that supply the products and services they need, expecting to talk to them, when they want to talk to them – not leave a voicemail message. For years reception staff have left for the evening and calls have been diverted to the answer machine, but numerous surveys have shown almost 70% of callers to a business will not leave a message and are likely to call the next number on the list.
“We launched the new service to ensure that law firms could cover longer opening hours and even weekends, as they seek more business, while trying to avoid adding to their headcount. Many firms have cut their support staff, outsourcing most if not all their non-core activities and reception services are a natural addition to the list. Paying only for the calls answered and not the time an individual waits for the phone to ring, makes sense and frees up experienced staff to undertake fee-earning activities. When a fee-earner chooses not to answer their phone, they can divert calls to our reception team, who will answer in the name of the firm and know how to handle calls professionally and confidentially.”
Clients can log-in to our portal in real time, or later for review to see what calls have been answered and what actions are required. All the information to return the call if needed, will have been captured and the fee-earner can take the necessary steps or ignore the calls that would only have proved a distraction.
“The services offered by InTouchNow reflect the ‘always-on, need it now’ world in which modern businesses operate. Those that embrace this approach and adapt there service to suit will be successful, while those that stick rigidly to out of hours answer machines can expect fewer calls and even fewer customers.” adds Park.