Don’t take unnecessary risks – practice safe Sentry

As new product launches go, ‘practice safe Sentry’ is catchy, referring to the release by Canadian-headquartered content management solutions provider RBRO Solutions of its real-time, web-based monitoring solution for iManage Work environments.
Sentry gives administrators “unprecedented” access to information from their document management system in real time from a very simple but powerful user interface. Administrators are able to set up rules for monitoring activity and Sentry gives them the ability to take immediate action when rules are breached.
“As part of our ongoing commitment to the integrity of our client data we were looking for ways of increasing our ability to respond immediately to any unusual content related activity,” said Michael Wyatt, systems manager at Carolina-based law firm Nexsen Pruet. “Sentry enables us, in real-time, to understand and act on the potential risks associated with data misuse or other activities that don’t comply with our information security best practices. It’s an invaluable tool.”
Immediate notification of selected activities enables quick response to risk events, reducing liability and increasing client confidence around content security, as well as a greater ability to respond to regulatory requests.
“Sentry proactively answers critical questions about abnormal user access of iManage Work content in a way that is enlightening and helpful without being complicated,” said Howard Russell, co-CEO of RBRO Solutions. “It offers greater insight into what is actually going on in your DMS, significantly reducing risk and eliminating ‘surprises’.”
RBRO Solutions was founded by Howard and his brother John Russell as a 2-person Canadian operation in 2003, focussing on the gaps between what was then HP WorkSite (pre iManage’s management buyout from HP) and the specific needs of law firms.
The company, which in November 2015 signed a global, two-way resell agreement with HighQ, has grown from servicing just the North American market to now employing over 40 people including staff in Australia and the UK, where it last year brought in Adam Wiles as account manager from Ascertus.