DWF swaps out TRE 3E modules

DWF is swapping out Thomson Reuters Elite’s financial reporting and time capture solutions with QlikView and Intapp Time respectively, as the firm moves to limit the amount of direct interaction partners have with TRE’s practice management system 3E.
The top 25 UK law firm, which was one of TRE’s first 3E clients and uses an old version of the system, needed a reporting tool that augments many data sources and is easy to use. While many newer clients of 3E use Elite Workspace, which was launched in 2014, that integration platform is not compatible with the old version of 3E.
QlikView is a business intelligence platform that provides insight and analytics from across all parts of the business, which are delivered as accessible dashboards. For time capture, DWF wanted a system that is capable of active, passive and mobile time recording, which it couldn’t achieve without a major upgrade to 3E, and is midway through rolling out Intapp Time.
Intapp Time was chosen by a small pilot group of interested lawyers. The very close runner up was Rekoop, which was acquired by Intapp in January 2016.
Elsewhere, DWF is working with TRE on invoice management and billing but is driving towards email approval for invoices for some types of work.
DWF’s chief technology officer Richard Hodkinson said: “3E will be the technical, accounting tool but partners will have no direct interface with it anymore.
“We continue to strive to a balanced portfolio of products that are convenient for IT but effective for the fee earners. Doing some of the above allows the firm to keep some options open as our particular island story is evolving quickly so we may need to change quickly what we do and how we do it.”
TRE said: “We are proud to count DWF as one of our very first 3E clients in the world.  Most of our more recent 3E clients are choosing to implement Elite Workspace, which wasn’t available at the time DWF implemented 3E and is not compatible with the version that they currently use.Workspace – which is included with 3E at no extra charge – represents the most modern, intuitive, fully mobile and open architecture interface for fee earners, including Time Capture, Timers, Proforma edit and approval, Information Management and cross-product workflow.
“We continue to support DWF as they actively explore broadening their use of 3E with additional product modules and new Elite products.”
This article first appeared in Legal IT Insider