Webinar: Complying with ISO 27001 for Improved Security – DocAuto – 5 May

May 5th
10:00 AM EST
Registration Link: http://www2.docauto.com/l/16352/2016-03-30/2b5lf9
With data breaches and security topping the list of CIO’s concerns for yet another year, ISO 27001 compliance is on the top of many firm’s “to-do” lists. Obtaining an ISO 27001 certification will not only reassure clients that their information is handled securely, but also forces IT teams to reassess areas of risk that many have previously been overlooked.
Adoption of ISO 27001 is a strategic decision that will be influenced by a firm’s individual needs, objectives, security requirements, and organizational processes. Two of the most critical aspects of the ISO 27001 certification process are ongoing risk assessment and proper treatment of identified risks.
DocAuto’s Watchdog Module and IDOLytics can greatly assist in meeting these two requirements.
Watchdog comprehensively monitors all user activity related to documents within the iManage Work document management system, including:
• Monitoring and alerting on operations that may lead to security breaches
• Acting on security breaches automatically, i.e., disabling user accounts in the iManage Work system
• Adjusting activity thresholds on a user-by-user basis over time using historical information and behavior patterns
• Automating comprehensive reporting of activity cross-referenced with data from other systems, including security tracking systems
IDOLytics allows administrators to view, monitor, and track IDOL searches in real time, allowing for:
• Analyzing historical search patterns for search security risk assessments
• Alerting on attempted internal security attacks through the search interface (breaches are covered by the Watchdog Module)